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This collection of essays traces the exploitation of animals to its capitalist and colonial roots, and shares insights into how the same ideas and practices plagued the entire world, leading to a society which is destroying itself, its environment and everyone else they share the land with. Start with the introduction, we promise it won't disappoint! Here's the book for free, but if you can afford it, please consider buying it.

Milked Film


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Directed by Amy Taylor, MILKED is a feature film documentary that follows ALL's Chris Huriwai as he exposes the harms of New Zealand's dairy industry - and explores how we might move away.

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Incentivise NZ Farmers to Transition for Longevity

NZ Vegan Society

"Asks for government direction, funding and support to encourage farmers to future proof and diversify their farming to include crop growing and/or rewilding their land for carbon sequestration."


Halve the Dairy Herd


"Halve New Zealand’s dairy herd from the 2019 peak of 6.3 million cows, to reduce the impacts of industrial dairying on freshwater, biodiversity, climate and people’s health."


Ban Bottom Trawling


"Ban bottom trawling on seamounts and similar deep sea features, and stop issuing permits for bottom trawling in international waters."


Te Papa: Tell the Truth about Te Tiriti o Waitangi

Te Waka Hourua

"Call for the urgent removal of the illegitimate English Treaty version from its current place of prominence alongside Te Tiriti o Waitangi and for it to be replaced by an accurate English translation of Te Tiriti o Waitangi."