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We created a pamphlet to give context about the "stop co-governance" roadshow. You're welcome to print and give them to the tour's attendees. Keep an eye out for our full debunk video coming out soon. 

Download the printable PDF file here

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Tell the Truth About Cages!

The egg industry has misinformed the public about the latest government regulations. While 'battery cages' were banned, a third of hens used for eggs are currently in almost identical 'colony cages'. Read the open letter we co-signed asking for accurate representation of eggs from caged hens. 


Email Duncan Webb, Minister for Commerce and Consumer Affairs and ask that "colony" eggs are clearly labeled as products of caged hens:


Image: Animals Aotearoa 

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Milked Film

Directed by Amy Taylor, MILKED is a feature film documentary that follows ALL's Pere Huriwai-Seger as he exposes the harms of New Zealand's dairy industry - and explores how we might move away.

Click here to watch MILKED for free!


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