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Ambushed on the AM Show

The AM Show invited Chris for an interview about MILKED, without telling him they'd be finishing the segment with the CEO of DairyNZ, Tim Mackle... They later called it a "head to head" and a "debate" despite Chris never getting the opportunity to respond.

The AM Show did apologise after Chris reached out to them. However, rather than an apology we'd much prefer they bring Chris back on WITH DairyNZ to have a REAL debate.

In this video we respond to the hosts and Tim as they spout off the usual dairy industry talking points. This should have been predicted, dairy is the most powerful industry in Aotearoa New Zealand- having the media reach out for an interview a month after the film's release? There were so many red flags!

Still learning the lows that media corporations are willing to sink to. (Channel Three is owned by Warner Bros. Discovery, a giant American media conglomerate.)


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